VoIP Contact Center Solution Hosting Server

Powerful Dedicated VICIdial® Contact Center Solution Stand Alone Servers and Clusters

We offer a wide variety of Contact Center Solution hardware and custom configurations powered by ViciDial/ViciBox. This combination allows for high demand and lightning fast contacts.

Our highly skilled team of VICIdial® trained experts can handle any custom configuration or setup you might need with ViciDial. We back our products with outstanding 24x7 support.

Termination is sold separately, you can use any provider(s) of your choice.

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  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Sydney, Australia

We have some great clients who love us

Below are a small sample of the positive experiences our customers have enjoyed using Synapse Global.

  • I have been relying on Synapse Global for web hosting and related services for over fifteen years, and have always received quality, competitive products and solutions, but most importantly, prompt and unbeatable support whenever I needed it.

    • Hosting Services Client
    • San Jose, Costa Rica

    The technical support options make it possible to run our own servers yet let experts take care of any issues or upgrades or security issues as needed. I would never do business with any company who didn't offer tech support services.

    • VoIP Services Reseller
    • Ohio, USA
  • Synapse Global has provided me with great service and has allowed me to decrease the cost of monthly telephone expense by 60%

    • VoIP Services Client
    • Indiana, USA

    I have been a customer for over 10 years, and the service has been exceptionally reliable, cost effective and stress free consistently throughout the years.

    • Hosted Services Client
    • New Jersey, USA

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