Wholesale Dialer Termination
Synapse Global offers wholesale dialer (call center/telemarketing) termination.
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Wholesale Dialer Termination


Synapse Global knows that it can be hard to find a reliable termination provider that maintains a separate termination network just for dialer clients. We offer high quality Wholesale Dialer Termination at very competitive pricing. We take great pride in our ability to deliver consistent results at low prices for this unique termination environment.

We understand that operating in the dialer/contact center industry can be challenging because of the unique requirements associated with call campaigns and predictive dialers. Many carriers impose limitations concerning average call duration (ACD), average seizure rate (ASR) and calls per minute (CPM). Our dialer termination network is optimized for high volume dialer traffic .



Support g711 and g729 Codecs

High Capacity

No Contracts

Ability to Resell


We currently support high-volume call center traffic to the USA, Canada, and dozens of additional countries. Please contact us for our current rates for US dialer traffic.


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